welcome-opulus-sombre02Welcome to Weather Risk Services. orangeOur aim is to better prepare you for severe weather and extreme conditions through updated forecasts and simply being aware of weather. Our weather forecasts and graphics reflect years of experience in forecasting and actively monitoring Australian extreme weather conditions.

Our meteorologists  specialise in producing hail and storm forecasts, prediction of tropical cyclones and other forms of weather extremes. Research has shown that simply being aware can assist in preventing damage to property and saving lives.

Giant hailstone measuring 10cm

Giant hailstone measuring 10cm – spawned by a supercell 10th December 2014

At Weatherrisk, we also can provide maps of hail swathes where damage was anticipated from recent storms or even storms from the past for that matter.

Hail Survey Path Maps showing regions where hail likely went through

Hail Survey Path Maps showing regions where hail likely went through

Weather Risk has solutions tailored for the general public and corporations to be better prepared for expected severe weather conditions.

Click the following animation and you can see the detail that storms can be forecast at the highest resolution. This event was a prediction of the Lismore hailstorm using high resolution models.


WeatherRisk is a simple and affordable application updated daily developed with clear and easy to understand graphics highlighting risks of severe weather for your area.

WeatherRisk Pro is a high resolution package for industry professionals and corporations to assist in making business related decisions that can avoid costly damage and even save lives.

Remember – Be Prepared and Storm Ready!