Damage Prevention Management

welcome-opulus-sombre02Severe storms and significant weather conditions cause millions of dollars of damage each year including loss of business. Although not all damage is preventable, being prepared has been proven to reducing losses. For instance, placing vehicles and equipment under cover can reduce or prevent damage and the consequent loss of income and business opportunities. Sometimes the critical period could be as short as half to one hour! Being armed with this information is critical in damage prevention management.

Weatherisk has solutions that can:

  • provide timely forecasts of increased risk of severe weather
  • the magnitude of the risk
  • and graphical depictions of the location of the impact of the significant events
  • text descriptions outlining the type of weather events anticipated

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Weather Risk Services

Welcome to Weather Risk Services. Our aim is to better prepare you for severe weather and extreme conditions through updated forecasts and simply being aware of weather. Our weather forecasts have come from years of experience in forecasting and actively monitoring Australian extreme weather conditions.

Our meteorologists  specialise in producing hail and storm forecasts, prediction of tropical cyclones and other forms of weather extremes. Research has shown that simply being aware can assist in preventing damage to property and saving lives.

Remember – it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared!