Hail Forecasts from $10

Hail Risk Forecasts

Have you ever wished to get your car out of the way of thunderstorms with hailstones? Are you one of those that shelters under a tree during hailstorms? Stay ahead of the bad weather and informed by subscribing to our hail risk forecasts. Our forecasts have proven to provide one of the most valuable hail risk forecast services for the past 8 years with a high percentages success rate. By hail risk, we mean that we provide an easy to understand low, moderate or high risk assessment of the hail risk for your region. For most people, this could be the difference of saving your vehicle from hail damage by being well prepared on high risk days.

What if I am a company?

Companies wishing to get specialised forecasts and graphical risk content are best to apply for our more dedicated commercial forecasts. Obtain a quotation for services that best suit your business needs.