muswellbrook_hailstorm_24_10_2004October 24th 2004 Muswellbrook Supercell Hailstorm

A very active upper level trough moved through the Sydney to Hunter Valley region during the early to mid-afternoon on this day. Once storm at the end of the activity traversed along a boundary. This cell dropped hailstones of the order of 12cm devastating the wine industry and also forcing Muswellbrook to be declared a disaster area!sydney2200m_radar_10mwinds_45








13th December 2004 Hailstorm damages aircraft at Sydney Airport

On the 13th December 2004, at the end of an active week for damaging supercell hailstorms in NSW, it was once again Sydney’s turn with models predicting instability in the Sydney and Central Coastal vicinity. Predictive radar was consistent with the event picking up several supercells including the one that passes just south of the CBD and over the airport. Giant hailstones to 8cm were reported.

2nd February 2005

sydney2200m_radar_10mwinds_26During one of the most active seasons in NSW on record, more active severe storms were anticipated in Sydney. Predictive radar breaks out cells perhaps slightly earlier but placement seems consistent in our results between the two models during the mid-late afternoon period. A possible tornado was observed by two storm chasers and localised severe winds were observed in the region as well as extensive damage. Radar analysis exhibited hook echos on two separate episodes with supercells near Richmond and Ryde. Predictive radar breaks out supercells over the mountains moving over the metropolitan area and Central Coast perhaps slightly earlier than actual radar depicts in reality.