blue-grWeather Risk was established from experiences from storm spotters and storm chasers’ experiences. In the field, storm chasers are not only able to pinpoint using various visual clues that provide evidence that storms may become severe. They are also able to forecast the conditions to intercept the storms well in advance. The old media saying “it struck without warning!” is not entirely true!

Most people are unfortunately unaware of the unfolding weather conditions that may lead to significant weather. This is understandable after all for most, weather is not their business or hobby – and most of all the study of weather is quite difficult to master. Furthermore, once a person has driven into or become part of a storm or significant weather system it is often difficult to get out of it or even observe what may be occurring. This is certainly not an ideal environment to be in and places oneself dangerously in the hands of the elements. Avoiding the storm altogether is obviously the solution and if not possible (due to road networks for instance) to be prepared and make some safety decisions. Such decisions can immensely decrease risk to damage and help save lives.

orangeMost of these scenarios are avoidable. With just a bit of assistance from simulated radar, weather forecasts and current radar, most people can make decisions well in advance and not to be in panic mode (where most decisions are not made clearly). We also provide some valuable resources for the inquisitive to arm themselves with some background knowledge into the behaviour of most significant weather conditions.